Basic research does not start with ideas about future products or commercial applications, but the field of biomimicry is making connections between biology and design. I have taught courses in biomimicry, consulted with professionals, and helped develop original, bio-inspired projects. I continue to consult with students and professionals on projects inspired by biological systems and welcome future collaboration. [contact]

Instructor at ASU Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts

SOLS biomimicry article Panama-01Biomimicry is an emerging field, and that means we are still learning how to teach it. I have served as an instructor and helped develop curriculum for classes in bio-inspired design at the ASU Design School. This includes working with Innovation Space, a year-long capstone course that combines students from design, business and engineering, as well as a studio course for graduate students in industrial design.


Conference: Social Biomimicry

atta flyer5 mergedAs a member of the Social Insect Research Group (SIRG), I co-organized an international conference that brought together biologists, computer scientists, architects, and business people to discuss how social insect research can be applied to design challenges. This conference coincided with a public science expo that showcased current research on social insects and business applications.


Design projects

Bat poster final_WEBSITE-01Working with the ASU Design School, I had the opportunity to collaborate with designers and develop projects independently. Taking inspiration from bats, I designed an umbrella that can better withstand strong winds using the geometry of bat wings. [bat umbrella]