In addition to research, I write articles about science and other topics for print and online media. Selected articles below




Updating the Species Scape: Insects still reign supreme

@Your Wild Life Blog







The Secrets of Insect Skin: Comparing skin and cuticle

@JID Jottings








From Punk Guitar to Entomology: Answering questions with Matt Shipman

@NC State News





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Fifth Avenue and the Entangled Bank: Fashion in Field Biology

@Your Wild Life blog






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How to make Glowing Ants: Studies on ant diets for Halloween

@Your Wild Life Blog






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[Illustration]: The Best Thing about Baby Ants

(words by Eleanor Spicer Rice)

@Buzz Hoot Roar





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Mutated insects: The Art and Science of Life After Chernobyl

@Your Wild Life blog






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Swarm Robotics: I, For One, Welcome Our Robot Overlords

@SOLS Magazine Spring 2013

@Zygote Quarterly Winter 2012





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Odorous House Ant: The True Odor of the Odorous House Ant

@Your Wild Life blog






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Ant Houses: Top 10 Ways an Ant’s House Is Like Your House

@Your Wild Life blog






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Conservation: The Great Bustards of Mongolia

@SOLS Magazine Summer 2011